A Natural and Sensual Expression of Traditional Reiki


naked reiki

Naked Reiki is a way to experience and express the life energy in a natural and wholesome way. The natural state of the human being is naked and the sensitive sensory systems of the skin, particularly the Pacinian corpuscles and the Meissner corpuscles, revive their sensitivity when clothing is removed. These sensitive receptors are like antennae and are often over-stimulated by the wearing of restrictive clothing. When they are over-stimulated they adapt, or shut down, kind of like being blinded by too bright a light or deafened by an explosion.

Removing clothing covering the skin surface allows these very sensitive receptors to re-awaken and the sensations of the life energy are experienced by the individual in a more focused way. Often while practicing Reiki a client will state that the practitioners hands feel warm, even hot. The truth is not that the practitioners hands change temperature, it is that the skin surface of the client begins to sense what the energy flowing through them actually feels like.  The naked body is far more sensitive to these subtle experiences.

Reiki is the life energy generated by your body, nothing more and nothing less. It is not accessed outside of us, in the universe or from another person, we manufacture this energy and it is expressed as life, behavior, language, intelligence, creativity. This energy is not the energy you synthesize from food and drink, air and exercise. If you are blocking this energy you are missing out on a lot of living. The practice of Reiki helps you to be more aware of this energy, and the practice of Naked Reiki can enhance the possibility that you can feel your own and the emanations of another person's energy.

Naked Reiki and the Sensation of the Life Energy


The sensation of the life energy is a life affirming experience for most people. The human body is a complex generation "plant" of this energy and the manifestation of the energy is what we regard as experience. Depression, boredom, apathy and other less than energetic expressions of life are only possible when the sensations of the life energy are absent. The constant wearing of restrictive clothing over-stimulates the most sensitive skin receptors and the being no longer senses the life affirming energy that it generates.

Naked Reiki and the Expression of the Life Energy


The pure expression of the life energy through the open and willing human being manifests as compassion, creativity, intelligence, generosity, confidence, eloquence, gentleness, grace and poise, peace, and beauty. It is only when the natural expression is modified by the organisms conditioning (mental programming) that a lack of virtuous expression is even possible. The ancient Hindu Vedic writings call the channels of this energy Chakras. When the Chakras are open and unobstructed virtue is expressed. When the Chakras are obstructed the being takes charge with egoic self interest and begins to express other than virtuous behavior.


Naked Reiki and Tantra

Naked Reiki and Meditation

Naked Reiki and Enlightenment

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Currently there is no certification association for Naked Reiki. The WATP has agreed to certify those who are taught and trained by Naked Reiki at our school in Seattle.

To contact Naked Reiki for classes and / or certification please email: contact@nakedreiki.com