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Becoming a Naked Reiki professional is both interesting and enlightening. Naked Reiki attunements are sensual and arousing, pleasurable and comforting, meditative and a total immersion in sensation.

Course and classes are held in the Seattle area at the present time. Once you have received the training and certification, you are welcome to begin your practice in your own geographical area.

You are also able to begin teaching this sensual art form and your students can be certified by the IRPO. Please visit our contacts page to discover more information.

The way Naked Reiki is taught and practiced is unique in both the traditional Reiki sense and the traditional sensual touch sense. The process of Naked Reiki is to understand the existence and source of the life energy, to affirm its flow through the body in the intense sensations that accompany the sensuality of the experience.

Naked Reiki and the Sensation of the Life Energy


The sensation of the life energy is a life affirming experience for most people. The human body is a complex generation "plant" of this energy and the manifestation of the energy is what we regard as experience. Depression, boredom, apathy and other less than energetic expressions of life are only possible when the sensations of the life energy are absent. The constant wearing of restrictive clothing over stimulates the most sensitive skin receptors and the being no longer senses the life affirming energy that it generates.

In addition to the above, the being tends toward the expression of learned strategies

Naked Reiki and the Expression of the Life Energy


The pure expression of the life energy through the open and willing human being manifests as compassion, creativity, intelligence, generosity, confidence, eloquence, gentleness, grace and poise, peaceful, and beautiful. It is only when the natural expression is modified by the organisms conditioning that a lack of virtuous expression is even possible. The Hindu Vedic writings call the channels of this energy Chakras. When the Chakras are open and unobstructed virtue is expressed. When the Chakras are obstructed the being takes charge with egoic self interest and begins to express other than virtuous behavior.

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Currently there is no certification association for Naked Reiki. Check here for updates.

To contact Naked Reiki for a class and / or certification please email: