Naked Reiki and Enlightenment


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Naked Reiki is a way to recognize enlightened awareness as the natural state of being. It may come as a surprise to some but we were all born with enlightened awareness. In the process of enculturation and education we "traded" this awareness for a more conditioned awareness.

Would it surprise you that enlightened awareness is the natural state of your being? Would it also surprise you that simply removing your clothing is the easiest way to get back in touch with this level of awareness?

One of the aspects of enlightenment that may surprise many is that the experience of enlightenment is far more of an expression than a sensation. In other words, you may not "feel" different but you will behave differently. Enlightened awareness expresses as open, developed, and integrated channels, often called Chakras.

The Chi energy, the energy of life itself, is generated within the human being. As this energy progresses from its source deep within the body it does present as feelings and sensations. Most of us have felt the gut wrenching feelings when our will is challenged, a heaviness in the chest during grief, and of course, the stirrings of sexual energy in the groin area. The expression of this energy through the channels is far more than sensation, however, as the

Naked Reiki and the Sensation of the Life Energy


The sensation of the life energy is a life affirming experience for most people. The human body is a complex generation "plant" of this energy and the manifestation of the energy is what we regard as experience. Depression, boredom, apathy and other less than energetic expressions of life are only possible when the sensations of the life energy are absent. The constant wearing of restrictive clothing over stimulates the most sensitive skin receptors and the being no longer senses the life affirming energy that it generates.

In addition to the above, the being tends toward the expression of learned strategies

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Naked Reiki and Enlightenment

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