The Process of Naked Reiki


naked reiki

Naked Reiki is a process that enables a human being to begin to perceive the life energy generated by and emanating from their own body. Once the individual is reacquainted with this sensation the natural state of being both meditative and enhancing awareness are possible.

Both meditation and enlightened awareness have been traditionally considered mystical experiences and only possible through the methods and practices of religion, some of which deny the pleasure of the body unless certain guidelines are strictly adhered to.

Most modern day religions have a very unhealthy perspective of sensual pleasure and are not able to guide and direct those who are coming of age, those who are entering into relationships, those experiencing difficulties in their relationship, and those who are experiencing a decline of their sexuality due to age or illness.

Naked Reiki may awaken the powers inherent in the individual to make informed choices about their sensuality and sexuality.

Naked Reiki and the Attunement Process


Naked Reiki attunements are as sensual and enlightening as the process of Naked Reiki itself. Different professionals present the attunement process in different ways, however both the Naked Reiki professional and the Naked Reiki student are as naked as they are comfortable. Many prefer a thin layer of cloth between the bodies, this is best accomplished with the thinnest silk material which is used in the session as well.

Naked Reiki attunements can be accomplished with the student seated and the professional moving about them as in a traditional scenario. The Naked Reiki attunements can also be accomplished with both standing. This provides a proximity that adds to the level of arousal, important in the Naked Reiki process. The nude human body is a beautiful and wholesome expression of the life energy, often called Chi in the CHinese, and Reiki in the Japanese. The attunement can be given in a bath, sauna, a hot tub, in front of a roaring fire..,

Naked Reiki and the Expression of the Life Energy


The pure expression of the life energy through the open and willing human being manifests as compassion, creativity, intelligence, generosity, confidence, eloquence, gentleness, grace and poise, peaceful, and beautiful. It is only when the natural expression is modified by the organisms conditioning that a lack of virtuous expression is even possible. The Hindu Vedic writings call the channels of this energy Chakras. When the Chakras are open and unobstructed virtue is expressed. When the Chakras are obstructed the being takes charge with egoic self interest and begins to express other than virtuous behavior.

Naked Reiki and Tantra

Naked Reiki and Meditation

Naked Reiki and Enlightenment

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