Naked Reiki and Tantra


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Naked Reiki and Tantra are similar in their understanding of the sensual nature of the life energy. Most of us think of arousal in terms of the relationship between arousal and sexuality. Both Tantra and Naked Reiki affirm that arousal is the enhancement of the expression of energy through all the chakras or energy channels.
The major channels of human expression:

1. The base chakra which expresses self esteem

2. The sacral chakra which expresses the life energy as sensuality and creativity

3. The navel chakra which expresses life energy as will as the embracing of all experience

4. The heart chakra which expresses the life energy toward compassion, empathy,and grief

5.The throat chakra which expresses communicationn

6. The brow chakra which expresses the life energy as intelligence

7. The crown chakra which expresses as the unity of all living beings, the true nature of the individual

Regardless of what you have heard or read about Tantra, ALL of these channels are involved in the Tantric process. This process encourages the opening, development, and integration of these channels, Arousal of this energy is very important in this process.

Naked Reiki and the Sensation of the Life Energy


The sensation of the life energy is a life affirming experience for most people. The human body is a complex generation "plant" of this energy and the manifestation of the energy is what we regard as experience. Depression, boredom, apathy and other less than energetic expressions of life are only possible when the sensations of the life energy are absent. The constant wearing of restrictive clothing over stimulates the most sensitive skin receptors and the being no longer senses the life affirming energy that it generates.

Naked Reiki and the Expression of the Life Energy


The pure expression of the life energy through the open and willing human being manifests as compassion, creativity, intelligence, generosity, confidence, eloquence, gentleness, grace and poise, peaceful, and beautiful. It is only when the natural expression is modified by the organisms conditioning that a lack of virtuous expression is even possible. The Hindu Vedic writings call the channels of this energy Chakras. When the Chakras are open and unobstructed virtue is expressed. When the Chakras are obstructed the being takes charge with egoic self interest and begins to express other than virtuous behavior.

Naked Reiki and Tantra

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